My Story

Transform Your Parenting Experience 

I'm a parent too!

Welcome to Active Parenting. This group provides coping strategies and skill building to improve the parent-child relationship. Active Parenting is an educational group offering hands on tools for everyday situations. The groups covers parenting toddlers to children (12) years of age . The course is an {8)week schedule, meeting once a week for (1.5) hours. The curriculum is based off of the research gathered by Dr. Popkin, PhD., an advocate of empowering parents with evidence based skills.

I'm a Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor on my way toward licensure in California. I hold a degree in Counseling at the Master's level and a degree in Radio, Television and Film at the Bachelor's level. I've had a career in the entertainment industry for the last twenty years. I'm raising two daughters and view parenting as the best job I could ever have.

I'm currently supervised by Gary D. Pearle PhD, Clinical Supervisor MFT 30246.